The Riverwalk

After setting up all of our belongings in the hotel room, Melissa and I decided to head over to The Riverwalk, for an early dinner.  Melissa was on her A-game with this idea; she knew The Riverwalk was going to be packed, because of the race, and she wanted to avoid 2-hour wait times.  Smart lady.

So, we aimlessly head out of our hotel, to find The Riverwalk.  We spent a lot of time wandering through San Antonio, looking for signs to our destination.  We found one entrance in, but there were no restaurants – just a canal and a sidewalk that looked like it ended.



We headed back up to the main road, to find another entrance.  I had no idea The Riverwalk was so large.  Apparently, it’s 21 blocks long.  I was thinking it was a small mote, with some restaurants built around it – this would not be the case.

Finally, we found another entrance that looked promising:


It’s funny, because The Riverwalk is really like an underground city.  It’s below street level, and you feel like you’re in a secret world down there – especially, the more nature-filled/less-people areas.


Don’t be fooled by our happy faces – by this point, in the trip, we are extremely hungry.  The prospect of doing takeout was starting to sound like an option – we still had no idea where the restaurants were.  We were just hoping we were moving in the right direction.



Meanwhile, Jeanette, who was meeting us over at The Riverwalk, had found restaurant city.  She told us the street she was on, which we had sworn we had already passed.  She said, she had found a place she wanted to eat and, undoubtedly, she was as hungry as us.  She went ahead and enjoyed some Italian, while Melissa and I continued the restaurant hunt, of course, with some minor distractions:



Anniversary picture

Finally, one of the maps built along the river showed us a big loop in the canal – BINGO! RESTAURANTS!  One moment, we were surround by nature and condos – the next, we were surrounded by tasty smelling bars and restaurants.  We couldn’t help but salivate.  Finally, we chose our spot:


We got outdoor seating, in five minutes, right on the water.  It was beautiful.  We took about 15 seconds to enjoy our surroundings, before diving into the menu.




First up on the list: drinks.  How can you come to The Riverwalk and not have margaritas?


Melissa brought up a good point – the salt on the rim would help with the cramping tomorrow.

Food was next up on the list.  It’s funny, when you are so hungry, and YOU KNOW you are going to over-order, because you think you are insatiable for the evening.  Yeah, that’s what we did, particularly myself.  And, then, the restaurant one-upped us, by bringing us an extra appetizer, by accident.


What feast doesn’t start with a massive loaf of bread?


The original appetizers hit our table.  We had ordered Spinach Dip and Fried Mushroom Caps.  Instead of the mushrooms, Fried Onions showed up on the table.  Melissa and I have both worked in restaurants before, and it was a busy night in San Antonio, because of the race, and we didn’t want to make a fuss about the onions.  We figured our waiter may have just put in the wrong order, so we didn’t say anything.  Then, this happened:


Uh oh…  The Mushroom Caps have arrived.  We were in trouble now.  Our waiter stopped by.  He looked confused –“So, uh, where did the 3rd appetizer come from?”  I looked up and said, we thought maybe there was a mistake on his end or in the kitchen, when we got the first two appetizers, and we didn’t want to make a scene.  He smiled and goes, “Well, it’s a free appetizer now – enjoy!”

And, we did.  The Spinach Dip was fantastic and the Mushroom Caps dipped in the creamy horseradish sauce were phenomenal.  We were purring.  I ordered a glass of wine, before our meal came out, after finishing the margarita.


I was hoping the wine would help make room for dinner.  My insatiable appetite was now gone – shocking.  Now, I wondered what I was going to do with the pasta I ordered.


Bon apetit!

I think I ate 2 1/2 raviolis.  I just couldn’t push down anymore than that.  Melissa attempted to make a dent in her meal as well.  After we tried to eat as much as we could, we boxed up the meals, paid our checks, and hobbled down San Antonio’s Riverwalk.



We met up will Melissa’s friend, who gave her a promo t-shirt, for an upcoming race.  After that, we slowly shuffled to our hotel.  I couldn’t wait to get my stretchy pants on.  My stomach was ready to bust through my jeans.

You know what helps settled the food down?

Wine time

I poured us a few glasses of wine.  Melissa pounded down some Nuun, before indulging on the nectar of the vines. 


We settled onto the couch and found some enjoyable entertainment.



Step Brothers – better with the swearing, but Saturday night TV doesn’t leave you with many options.  We got some good chuckles out of this one.



Yes – the nasty guy on the back of my foot sucked… I duct taped my ankles before the race.  I would not recommend this method.

We set up our stuff for the race, so we could have it all ready to go, for the morning.


Afterwards, we decided to migrate over to the beds.  These were COMFORTABLE beds.  We loved them!  We both got some water, before cuddling into the sheets.  A great pre-race night ended – mini-vacation success!



My free-beer wristband is making me look like a hospital patient.


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