Can you hear me now?

I mentioned a few weeks ago how my headphones crapped out on me. At the starting line of a race – the timing was impeccable. I’ve been eyeing up Yurbuds since then, but decided I would hold out until the Austin Expo since they will be there as a vendor. I purchased this pair to hold me over:

Philips In-Ear Headphones Music Colors. They came with three different sizes of earpieces, so it would be near impossible for them to not fit your ear. I say near impossible because there was someone who NONE of the earpieces worked for – me. Even the smallest ones were still too big.


Don’t get me wrong, they stayed in place pretty well while at my desk at work. And while I had to gently press them back into my ears a couple times, they faired pretty well on the elliptical. But running? The main area of usage for these lil guys? No dice. My 4-miler on Sunday was the true test. I spent more time fidgeting with the headphones than I did my Garmin – and that’s saying something!

I will say (for the benefit of those who have normal ears) the sound quality was pretty decent for a $15 pair of earbuds. I would definitely recommend them! They just weren’t for me.

I don’t feel like it’s too much to ask to have a pair of headphones that fit. Yes, I could use the over-the-ear variety, but they don’t work so well while also rockin’ a pair of shades. Been there, done that. There just isn’t enough top-of-the-ear real estate for both. So it’s settled: I’ll invest in a pair of Yurbuds at the Expo on Friday.

What headphones do you use? Have you ever tried Yurbuds? Do you think there is something better out there than Yurbuds for people with retarded ears like me?


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